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MSCT vs. DSA trong bệnh mạch vành

Cả hai đều có giá trị chẩn đoán cao. Nếu ba hay mẹ của 1 SV Y cần khảo sát mạch vành thì bạn chọn cái nào khi được đề xuất  2 cái trên.

So sánh giá trị của MSCT mạch vành và DSA mạch vành


  1. For identifying or excluding of obstructive coronary stenosis, CT coronary angiography was shown to be more cost-saving at a pretest probability of CHD of 50 % or lower, and invasive coronary angiography at a pretest probability of CHD of 70 % or higher. The use of both types of coronary angiography to identify or to exclude functionally relevant coronary stenoses should be regarded as highly cost-consuming. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22536300).
  2. Both cardiac DSA and CTA procedures have their advantages. As non-invasive procedures, these techniques pose less risk to patients, and enable the possibility of outpatient investigation, to be used to rule out diagnoses and to avoid inappropriate invasive coronary angiogram (Gorenori et al., 2012). Additionally, intravenous access is preferential to arterial cannulation for the contrast infusion, removing the risks associated with bleeding or intra-arterial injury. Cardiac DSA exposes the patient to a lower dose of radiation that coronary CTA (Hausleiter et al., 2009; Yamamoto et al., 2008; Einstein et al., 2007), which is beneficial at reducing the risk of genetic mutations and cancer. (https://writepass.com/journal/2017/02/a-comparison-between-cardiac-ct-scanning-and-cardiac-digital-subtraction-angiography-dsa/).
  3. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378603X15001321


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