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Russian scientists have successfully tested a drug against all types of cancer

Russian scientists have created and successfully tested in space, the genetically engineered drug from all types and stages of malignant tumors, patients will be able to get it in three or four years.

About it the newspaper «Izvestia» said the Deputy Director of the State research Institute of highly pure drugs of Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA), Professor Andrey Simbirtsev.

As the newspaper notes, this is a fundamentally new tool for the treatment of malignant tumors, obtained through biotechnology. Success was achieved with the help of a space experiment, and, thus, the Institute is finalizing preclinical testing of a medicine that can make a revolution in Oncology.

«Our drug has the working title «heat shock Protein» — the main active substance. Is a molecule that is synthesized by all cells of the human body in response to various stress influences. Its existence scientists have known for a long time. Initially it was assumed that the protein can only protect the cell from damage. It was later revealed that he also has the unique property helps the cell to show their tumor antigens to the immune system and thereby enhances anti-tumor immune response», — the newspaper quoted Simbirtseva.

He notes that as the amount of this protein in the body is minimal, have developed a special biotechnology for its synthesis. According to him, was a separate gene for human cells, which is responsible for the production of a protein, cloned him.

«Then we created the strain-producer and made bacterial cell to synthesize human protein. These cells breed well, which allowed us to get unlimited amounts of protein,» explains Simbirtsev.

He notes that scientists of the Agency not only created the technology, but also studied the structure of the protein, deciphered the mechanism of antitumor action at the molecular level.

«FMBA has a unique opportunity to conduct medical research using space programs. The fact that x-ray analysis of the action of the protein must be formed from it of ultra-pure crystal. However, in terms of earth’s gravity it is impossible to obtain protein crystals grow unevenly. The idea to grow crystals in space. This experiment was conducted in 2015. We Packed ultra-pure protein in capillary tubes and sent them to the ISS,» continues Simbirtsev.

According to him, six months of flight in tubes formed perfect crystals. They were lowered to the ground and analyzed in Russia and Japan where there is heavy duty equipment for x-ray crystallography. The creation of the crystal in zero-gravity was only required for the science phase of product development, says the Professor. Thus, a space experiment only proved that scientists are on the right track.

Simbirtsev noted that the drug was tested on mice and rats who have developed melanoma and sarcoma. Course administration of the drug in most cases led to a complete cure even in advanced stages. Thus, he concluded, «it’s safe to say that protein has an necessary for the treatment of cancer biological activity».

Despite the fact that during testing, «heat shock Protein» did not show toxicity, final conclusions about its safety can be done only after completion of preclinical studies, which would take another year. After notes Simbirtsev, scientists can begin a clinical trial.

Simbirtsev noted that full clinical trials are typically two to three years.

«Unfortunately, faster does not work is a serious study. So basically the final stage of preclinical studies, patients receive a new drug after three or four years,» he concluded.

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