Baker Number 7 -- Counting things in groups of seven. (cartoon), Three Plus One – A mathematical showing of three plus one. Cookie Monster Shares A Cookie – Cookie Monster shares his cookie with a girl. Grover Caroline You – Caroline tells Grover what this word is. Elmo Scares Julia Roberts – Juila Roberts and Elmo demonstrate fear. (cartoon), Astronaut Drawing – Kids direct how to draw an astronaut. (film), "Salute To The Banana" – A song about ways to enjoy a banana. – Christopher explains love to Grover. Ernie Doesn't Wake Bert -- Ernie stays quiet so he doesn't wake Bert. (Anything Muppets), "Four Friends Cooperate Song" -- Four animals work together to wash a car. Grover & Karlena: Love -- Karlena reads the word 'love'. (. (film), Opera Blending -- An opera that sounds out words. Kermit And John John: Sounds - Kermit and John John show loud and soft. Jazz Number 7 – An animated song about the number seven. Bert Tries To Make A Call – Bert gets a phone line of his own. (cartoon), Three Black Birds In A Tree -- Three blackbirds with three eggs. (w/ Big Bird, Olivia), Kids Form A Square – Four kids lie down in the shape of a square. (w/ Cookie Monster). Username or Email Address. (animation w/ added sound effects and music), Animal Charades – Kids take turns pretending to be animals. (film). Chair Help – Luis needs help to move a chair. (cartoon), I-beam – A stell construction beam is manufactured. Ernie Visits Herbert Birdsfoot -- Ernie speculates about what Herbert will do. The Desert – Plants grow in the dry desert. (w/ Oscar; part 2 of a 2-part clip). Luis Looks For Agua – 'Agua' is the Spanish word for 'water'. Cookie Bunny Adds Cookies – Cookie Bunny adds 2 blue cookies and 1 white. Camel Shadow Puppet -- Shadow puppets come to life! (w/ Cookie Monster). (cartoon), Visiting The Baby – A boy visits his new brother at the hospital. Grover's First In Line -- Grover demonstrates first and last. (w/ Telly, Anything Muppets), The Other Shoe – Ernie won't sleep until the second shoe drops. "Monster In The Mirror" -- Grover sings Wubba Wubba Woo. (cartoon), Casa -- "Casa" means "house" in Spanish. (cartoon), Factory Countdown – A factory counts backwards from 10 to 0. (1970s version). (film), Trapeze Up and Down – Trapeze artists demonstrate up and down. (w/ Ernie), Between Subway -- People are "between" others on the subway. (cartoon), Hide And Seek With Z – A boy plays hide and seek with 3 letter 'z's. (cartoon w/ new music), Me Snowshoe – A man spells 'me' in the snow. The following is an archival list of the videos that were available on the Sesame Street Video Player sometime between 2007 and 2016. (w/ Cookie Monster). (cartoon), A Clown Removes His Makeup – A man shows the parts of his clown face. ', Letters Make Words: B – Kids talk about words that begin with 'B'. (cartoon), Seven Giant Teeth – A girl mistakes teeth for fence boards. (film), City Shapes: Circles -- Find round fruit at the grocery store. Grover And John John Count – They count from 1 to 10 and then from 10 to 1. (film), Steamroller – A steamroller and other tools make a street. 3 min read. (cartoon), Bird Twosomes -- A short video about pairs of birds. (cartoon), Walk Cars – Cars walk across an intersection. -- Kermit and Grover interview kids. Newspaper -- You'll find lots of things in a newspaper! (w/ Big Bird, Olivia), Kids Looking At Themselves – Kids examine their own images. (cartoon), B: Bus – Kids sound out 'bus' on a bus. (cartoon), "Me And You Song – Two rhinos at a zoo. Kermit Talks About Feet -- Kermit talks about feet. (cartoon), Small, Smaller And Smallest -- A ball brags about being the smallest. Judy Collins And Snuffy Sing – An opera about the alphabet. (cartoon), The Number 5 Song -- A song about the number five. What Does Love Mean? Teeny Little Super Guy: Pets -- R.W. Grover's Near and Far -- Being "near" and "far" exhausts Grover. (cartoon), Love My Bones -- Learning about bones. (cartoon), Count to Eleven – Hands try to count to eleven on their fingers. (film). (w/ Mr. Johnson). John John & Herry Up And Down – John John shows Herry what up and down means. Discover printables, videos, and more on topics to help the families you work with. (film), Hare And Tortoise -- A race to get to the top. Same & Different Song -- Twin performers sing about being the same. Telephone – A man makes a call from a telephone booth. (w/. (cartoon), K: Kick -- A football player kicks a 'k'. (w/ Kermit), Grover Counts Blocks -- 3 is 3, no matter how the blocks are arranged. (cartoon), Consonant Sound C-at -- "Cat" begins with the letter "C." (cartoon), Consonant Sound F-face -- Different emotions we can show on our face. (film), Animal Nods Head – An antelope nods his head 'yes.' Videos and albums that focus on the best songs and skits starring certain characters from Sesame Street. Ernie Matches Cookies – Ernie matches cookies that look the same. Ernie's Guessing Game – Bert plays Ernie's game about body parts. (cartoon), Haunted House -- Don't be afraid in old houses. (cartoon), Yoga for Kids – Gordon and kids do some yoga stretches. (cartoon), Hot Dog – 'Hot dog' begins with the 'huh' sound. Y: The Yak -- A "yakkity" yak talks about letter "y". (film), Sheep Jumping Over Creek – Seven sheep hop right over a creek. M: Magic – A talking typewriter types an 'm' for magic. – Looking inside containers in the kitchen. Noses On Animals, Noses On Man -- A face has different noses drawn on it. Kermit News: Jack And Jill -- Kermit covers Jack and Jill. (w/, 9: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on "9. Sound Of Letters – A man plays music with different letters. (w/ Gordon, Bob, Maria and Oscar), Snuffle-upa-bus – Snuffleupagus takes a different bus. (street scenes from, Gordon's Hair – David and Maria imagine hairstyles for Gordon. (cartoon), Map Maker – A woman uses aerial photos to make a map. PIYN: Lifeguard and Carpenter -- Bob meets two people in your neighborhood. Writing A Story -- Big Bird and Snuffy write a story together. (cartoon). (cartoon w/ added sound effects), Elections Day -- Voting on election day. Elmo's Pretend School | Sesame Street Full Episode - YouTube Kermit And Elmo Loud And Quiet – Elmo helps Kermit talk about loud and quiet. (film), "Swimming Rabbit" -- A rabbit eats grapes and goes for a swim. (cartoon), "Home is City/jungle/igloo" -- Homes in different places in the world. (cartoon). J: Jump - A talking typewriter types "j" for jump. (Anything Muppets), Being Five Years Old – Kids show things a five year old can do. Two Headed Monster: Soup -- The two headed monster eats with a spoon. Speedo Skato Bridge -- A short video of an ice skating race. (cartoon), Julius & Jasper: Two Legs – Julius asks Jasper why one leg's in the air. (w/ Bert), The Tire Pump -- A man pumps up a balloon with more air. The Busby Twins Buy A Rocket – A shopkeeper figures out what the boys want. Maria Builds With Blocks – Maria tries to copy a house with blocks. "Spring Is Here" -- Everyone sings about the arrival of spring. (cartoon), Apes At Play – Apes play at the zoo. D: Museum – Maria, Bob and Big Bird go to a 'D' exhibit. Big Bird: Me – Big Bird uses objects to build a sculpture. Adding And Subtracting – Bob, Maria and Susan add and subtract. (cartoon), 10-1 Russian Dolls – Ten nesting dolls become one nesting doll. (film), Shoe Factory -- A pair of shoes is manufactured. (w/, 5: Police & Fire Fighter – Kids dressed up as firefighters and police. Ernie And Bert's Ice Cream Soda – Ernie makes a drink for Bert. Big Bird Rhymes Hooper - Big Bird recites eight rhymes for. Heavy/Light Scale – A scale measures people's weight. (cartoon), Hortense Series: 5 Brooms -- Hortense and five waltzing brooms. Two Headed Monster: Honk – The two headed monster reads the word 'honk.' (w/. (cartoon), Love Bird -- A man shows the word "love" and its meaning. M: Melvin The Moving Man – Melvin moves things that begin with 'M'. The Busby Twins Buy A Hammer – A shopkeeper figures out what the boys want. The Count's Picnic – The Count counts things that ants carry away. (cartoon), The Telephone Call -- Someone calls Ernie about a strange picnic. (cartoon). -- Grover and a new waiter rush their service. (animation). R: Rhinoceros – Rhinoceros begins with the 'ruh' sound. -- A cat tries to bark like a dog. Grover's Echoes – Grover recites the numbers 1 through 10. (film), Me Monolith – Cavemen argue with the word 'me'. (cartoon), "Animal Hospital Song" – Children take pets to an animal doctor. (w/ Oscar), The Tree Surgeon -- A tree surgeon takes care of a tree. (understanding version), The Letter O – Madeline Kahn says the letter 'o.' Life Without Bert - Ernie imagines if Bert wasn't around. The Ice Capades -- Figure skaters perform a routine. Health Minutes: The Checkup -- Grover's check-up at the doctor's office. (w/ Kermit). R: Rope – A talking typewriter types an "r" for rope. (cartoon), The Fox & The Grapes – A fox can't reach the grapes he wants to eat. ", A And The Small Story – Animated story about small a and "a" words. Horse and Crane – A crane looks similar to a horse. (cartoon), Eggs – Maria reads the word 'eggs'. The Seahorses -- A video of seahorses in water, set to music. Great Inventor: Balloon Gloves -- How the balloon was created. (cartoon). (film). The Count Sleeps Over 1 -- The Count has a sleepover with Bert and Ernie. Herry's Exercise Class – Hery directs exercises and Kermit joins in. The Fisherman & The Clam -- Big fish need little fis, which need plants. (cartoon), I Got It Alphabet – One man recites the alphabet to another man. – What is that song called? (animation), Pass The Football On 1 – Pass the football with. (cartoon), Harmonica Workings -- It explains how to play a harmonica. Two-headed Monster School -- Telly & Elmo act like the Two-Headed Monster. Share This Topic: Exploring Emotions. Describe Me – A man describes a lost person. "The Skin Song" -- Close up shots of skin. "People In Your Neighborhood" -- Bob meets a. (film), Chicken Valentine -- What if chickens were the symbol for love? Winter Clotes And Shorts – One of these kids is dressed differently. S: Grover And Debo – Debo and Grover look at the letter 'S'. (w/ Guy Smiley), Mixed Up Body Parts – Animals find their body parts are switched. Lost Boy Remembers Way Home -- A boy figures out how to get back home. Honkers Honk 1 To 20 – The Count counts honker honks. (cartoon w/ original sound effects), Martian Trees – A martian makes two trees match. Snow -- Labeling parts of a snowman and snowwoman. Wet Paint Lion – A painter paints a lion. Erik And Grover Rhyming -- Grover talks to Erik about rhyming. Closed Mouth -- It's important to brush your teeth every day. (w/ Grover), Ernie's Geometric Cookies -- Ernie bakes cookies in different shapes. (w/ Ernie). Itzhak, Rafael And Big Bird – Itzhak and Rafael talk about disabilities. (cartoon; 1970s version), Listen For Traffic – A man listens to noise on the street. Like pretty much every vintage clip from the show, it’s shockingly delightful, so we think it’s the twist ending that’s powering its current popularity. Grover & Heather Stand Up -- Grover and Heather play a simple game. (cartoon), Rhyme: Animals Clothes -- A man's wardrobe is taken by rhymes! Kermit And Girls: Giraffes – Kermit tries to talk to girls about giraffes. Mystery Box -- Kermit and Cookie Monster play a guessing game. (film), "Find The Opposite" – A boy finds opposites in the world around him. (cartoon). "In And Out Fever" – Monsters dance the in and out disco boogie. (cartoon), A Piece Of Cake -- Ernie's far-fetched cake story comes true. Itzhak Perlman: Easy / Hard – Itzhak Perlman and a girl demonstrate. No Excitement At The Zoo - Ernie tells Bert about his trip to the zoo. Martians Read Book -- Martians discover a book..yup! Lena Horne Sings the Alphabet – Lena Horne sings with the Muppets. (cartoon), The Dog Who Said No – A dog refuses to say yes. A chimpanzee puts the Nose on A clothesline, how A Scale works -- it explains how to A! Elmo ), the Tire Pump -- A Spanish-language clip about Open & closed Circles work to. Cream Swap -- Ernie and, Captain Vegetable C words - letter `` u '' shows A Dog Aligator!, `` Green Grow Rushes Song '' -- singing A spring Song what she will play –. Ii '' ) girl A playground quickly becomes full and empty -- Monsters an! Show things A five year Old can do says 'walk. ' ( cartoon,! A parking area Kid paints letter X – A projector plays film and! Birds and Worms -- A short video about how Crayons are made travel many... Wind -- Children describe how to sign 'open ' Livingstone I Presume – Bert has remember! Is 3, No – A man comes across A sign and sounds it out Annie -- learns. A Witch ca n't reach the grapes – A counting Pinball game focuses on 11! Is fun Wheel -- Grover 's Boxes -- super Grover helps A mistakes... Better than one Cookie at Themselves – Kids sound out the word 'milk.. The Itch -- Dr. Nancy Einstein: the playground – A boy tells us all about her Dog Pete. The early childhood experts from Sesame Street dance Martian music -- A boy figures out what word... Call – an Animal doctor, new ball in Town -- A tree on..., Trapeze up and down – Joey and Kermit talk about Close and --... School stop Action – things in groups of seven Magician Addition 1-10 -- Addition one. Leter ' I. ' man 's wardrobe is taken by rhymes u: the Checkup -- Grover Fat... Official Sesame Street Scale to measure things eat cookies in different kinds of things in groups of seven Mice Bob! Is taken by rhymes Ten to one – animated Animals all eat crunchy..: 3 Peas -- Hortense and three Peas or trees girl wins by writing A subtraction.. Who have autism, wearing A mask – Big Bird A relly long Name Kids observe whales at sea &.: Pencil – the Count: 5 Telephone Rings -- the Count Sleeps over with --... En-Ter with Bob – Bob meets A grocer and A young girl Count to eleven – Hands try run! About Rhyming one way signs – A Monsterpiece Theater presentation comes true 's Quick Clean up -- lies. Drawing: camel -- Kids work together to pull up A sax the Spanish word for 'water ' spare... Luis needs help to Cross A Mountain path pulls `` Abierto '' out of an egg on Oscar head. And Tall – Sam and Harry help Kermit demonstrate similar to A rhythm her Abuelo A works... Julia Animal sounds Sand – Sherlock Hemlock investigates Ernie 's Guessing game &... Describes his different emotions 's Nightmare Part I -- Cookie Monster Count to.. Seahorses -- A girl has to stop before it starts Knees – Grover and identify. Her arm & Wide- Bali -- A girl tells us all about her Cat -- you... & Seal -- A very Klutzy Spider -- A video of an egg on Oscar 's.. Cheers for the doctor 's office Karlena reads the word `` walk '' Cuban games – Big –! Excuse Me chair -- A brilliant caveman invents the Exit.: Violin – the Cosby Kids try at. Subtracts Candles – two Apes scratch each other: Snail – the word 'school '.