Over time, the fowl that was used to create the Bresse chicken is now forgotten and we do not know much about them. Poulet de Bresse make up only 0.1% of France’s entire chicken production, and only 10% are exported. There are four varieties of Bresse: white, black, blue, and gray. They have blue feet and a white beard. Alternatives to Poulet de Bresse bred in other countries. They are raised on pasture for 4 to 4 ½ months. It may be produced only from white chickens of the Bresse breed raised within a legally-defined area of the historic region and former province of Bresse, in eastern France. Europe's famous Poulet de Bresse has arrived in American. As soon as they are able, the young Bresse are started on pasture. Through a combination of luck and selective breeding, small flocks of poulet de Bresse that dotted the French countryside soon earned the reputation of having a unique and exquisite flavor. since 1957, which defines the way in which they are raised as well as the geographic zone in which they can be raised. Just down the street, we found a Logis de France called Le Lion D'Or, a comfortable country inn that wasn't expensive in the village of Romenay, north of Bourg en Bresse, where the chickens are brought to market.Rooms were under 50 Euros and the restaurant also serves Poulet de Bresse. The king of chickens is truly a part of French culture. You can buy poulets de Bresse on the internet at French Click where they will cost you about £1.60 per 100g. Some say the Bresse chicken was created out of luck. … and also super-expensive. Here you will find the locations to buy Bresse Poultry! The Bresse chicken was developed from this cross breeding. Currently very rare in the United States with 2 know imported lines that we currently have here on the farm. The feathers are generally white, and they have a red, crenelated comb. They have an appellation, get to eat real food and walk around the countryside — all regulated by law. By the 19th century, when gastro legend Brillat-Savarin declared the poulet de Bresse to be ‘the queen of poultry and the poultry of kings’, this neighbourly rivalry had evolved and the first proper competition to declare France’s finest Bresse took place in Paris during 1865.. A true classic -- with as many variations as there are grandmothers in France -- it relies on humble ingredients and just a single pot. It is a French breed known as Bresse-Gauloise. The poulet de Bresse (French pronunciation: [pu.lɛ d(ə) bʁɛs]) or volaille de Bresse is a French chicken product which has appellation d'origine contrôlée status. It's the original Introducing the American Bresse! (Tip: If you are looking for a good value in lodging, search out the Logis de France banner.) In France, the Bresse chicken is known as Poulet de Bresse. Also see our step-by-step photo tutorial for making Chicken Fricassee. From the Bresse region of France comes what has been acclaimed as the best tasting chicken in the world—the Poulet de Bresse. A fricassee is halfway between a saute and a stew. Bresse chicken or poulet de Bresse has had an A.O.C. The CIVB is confident that those on this list will be good ambassadors of Bresse Chicken, Bresse Poulard, Bresse Capon and Bresse Turkey! It is, like the very best French wine and cheese, an AOC product, which is to say, rigidly controlled by the French government. We hope you … Lire la suite Locations to buy Bresse Poultry → These blue footed chickens pack big taste and are acclaimed for being the very best eating chicken known to … Poulet de Bresse chickens are treated like fine wine. All locations on this list sell Bresse Poultry and have experienced staff to field all your questions about it.