Anatomical terms of location

I. Anatomical planes in a human:
Before studying anatomy, a student should become aware of some of the vocabulary that is used to describe various aspects of the human body. If everyone uses the same terminology, then it is easier to understand what each of us is trying to say. You will consider the planes of the body. Understanding these will facilitate learning terms related to position of structures relative to each other and movement of various parts of the body.

FRONTAL (or coronal) separates the body into Anterior and Posterior parts
MEDIAN (or midsagittal) separates body into Right and Left parts
HORIZONTAL separates the body into Superior and Inferior parts
SAGITTAL any plane parallel to the median plane

After taking a look at the Anatomical Planes, you can then view some of the terms related to the planes. These are listed in the following tables. You will notice that most of these are in pairs of opposites.

Terms of relation or position

Terms of movement

Table of Frequently Used Terms in Anatomy