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Ðề tài: Occlusal Therapy

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    Default Occlusal Therapy

    Chủ Đề: Default Occlusal Therapy

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    A. Occlusal Adjustment

    This is the judicious grinding of certain aspects of the occlusal table, the aim of which is to create correct cusp fossa relationships in both centric and excentric positions.

    The first step is to achieve the desired jaw to jaw relationship in the retracted centric relation posterior. Cusp slopes are then judiciously adjusted, eliminating interferences to maximum intercuspation at this jaw to jaw relationship. Supporting cusp tips and fossae are not ground as this would lead to a loss of vertical dimension. Then, interferences to smooth excursive movements from this position are eliminated. Balancing interferences are modified first followed by interferences in working and protrusion It must be stressed that not all cases require occlusal therapy or occlusal adjustment and that this mode of therapy should only be embarked on when knowledgeable professional opinion deems it necessary.

    B. Temporary Stabilization

    This is achieved by splinting one or more mobile teeth to one another and to other more stable teeth in a position that facilitates a more axial and even distribution of occlusal forces. This is generally performed on teeth with reduced periodontal support. The rationale for this is improved patient comfort, function and plaque control, better distribution of occlusal forces and improved tooth stability during clinical procedures.
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