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    Default ĐAU GIỮA CHU KỲ KINH,TẠI SAO?(nhóm PD_PK Y3)

    Chủ Đề: Default ĐAU GIỮA CHU KỲ KINH,TẠI SAO?(nhóm PD_PK Y3)

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    Do you experience pain or cramps between periods? If you do, you may be experiencing Mittelschmerz.
    Mittelschmerz is pelvic pain and cramps that occur during ovulation in some women. The word Mittelschmerz originates from Germany and translated means "middle pain." You may hear Mittelschmerz called various terms including painful ovulation, mid-cycle pain, and middle cramps or pain.

    Ovulation normally occurs about two weeks after the first day of menstruation. During ovulation, one of the ovaries releases an ovum, or egg, into the corresponding fallopian tube. This is when some women experience pain or cramps between periods or Mittelschmerz.

    About 20% of women experience the severe pain or cramps caused by Mittelschmerz. Women who experience Mittelschmerz, feel severe pain or cramps on one side of the lower abdomen, and although it may feel like something serious is wrong, Mittelschmerz is almost never serious.

    Other symptoms that sometimes occur with Mittelschmerz include nausea and / or light bleeding or spotting. The good news is that the pain, cramps, and other symptoms associated with this condition usually last only six to eight hours, although, Mittelschmerz can last up to 24 to 48 hours.

    Tips for Self-Care during Mittelschmerz
    Fortunately, you have several options to ease the pain and symptoms of Mittelschmerz. Your options include:

    Getting plenty of rest
    Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily
    Using a heating pad, or taking warm baths to ease pain
    Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen sodium may help relieve pain
    Take your temperature often anytime you experience severe lower abdominal or pelvic pain

    When to Call Your Doctor
    Certain signs and symptoms indicate a need to call your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. These symptoms include:

    Call your doctor if you have a fever because you may have an infection that is unrelated to Mittelschmerz
    Pain not relieved by these tips
    Pain that lasts longer than two or three days
    Heavy bleeding during ovulation
    Having a vaginal discharge in addition to pelvic pain pelvic pain.
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    Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen sodium may help relieve pain
    Thế đau bụng kinh cơ chế là gì dùng thuốc gì để trị?

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