Nữ béo phì bị tiểu không kiểm soát, sau khi loại trừ tiểu đường, khám phụ khoa không có bị sa BQ, soi BQ không có bị chuyển sản tam giác BQ thì có thể tham gia nghiên cứu này:
The study sample consisted of 338 overweight and obese women, mean age 53 ± 11 years, with at least 10 episodes of urinary incontinence per week. Participants were randomly assigned to an intensive 6-month weight loss program including diet, exercise, and behavior modification (n = 226) or to a structured education program (n = 112).

Mean weight loss was 8.0% (7.8 kg) in the intervention group vs 1.6% (1.5 kg) in the control group (P < .001). After 6 months, the mean number of incontinence episodes per week decreased by 47% in the intervention group and 28% in the control group (P = .01). The intervention group had a greater decrease in the frequency of stress incontinence episodes vs the control group, (P = .02) but not in the frequency of urge incontinence episodes (P = .14).