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Ðề tài: CD4 and CD8: the test.

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    Default CD4 and CD8: the test.

    Chủ Đề: Default CD4 and CD8: the test.

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    CD4 is a primary receptor used by HIV to gain entry into host T cells.
    1. Attaching to CD4 with a protein in its viral envelope known as gp120
    2. Changing structure of another viral protein, gp41
    3. Fusing the outer membrane of the virus with the cell membrane.
    4. Inserting a HIV fusion peptide into the host cell.


    A progressive reduction in the number of T cells possessing CD4 receptors follows a HIV infection.
    Therefore, medical professionals refer to the CD4 count to decide when to begin treatment for HIV-infected patients. Normal blood values are 500-1200x106/L

    CD4 cells are the main target of HIV, and the number of CD4 cells will decrease as HIV progresses. Since CD4 cells are usually destroyed more rapidly than other types of lymphocytes and because absolute counts can vary from day to day, it is sometimes useful to look at the number of CD4 cells compared to other types of lymphocytes. Sometimes a CD4 cell count is compared to the total lymphocyte count, and the result is expressed as a percentage, or a CD4 cell count may be compared to a CD8 cell count, and the result is expressed as a ratio.
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