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Ðề tài: Vùi dương vật là gì?

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    Default Vùi dương vật là gì?

    Chủ Đề: Default Vùi dương vật là gì?

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    Nhiều bé trai bị nhầm là vùi dương vật trong khi nguyên nhân thực sự là trẻ béo phì, lớp mỡ xương mu che phủ mất "chim". Cách xác định là: Sờ bóp nhẹ, nếu bị vùi thì không chạm được thân dương vật hoặc chạm được rất ít, chỉ sờ được da quy đầu; da bìu có xu hướng chạy hướng lên trên dương vật.

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    Buried penis means concealed penis (vùi dương vật).

    Hình A: vùi dương vật. Hình B: sau phẫu thuật

    Medical Therapy
    Buried penis cannot be treated medically. The separate entity of trapped penis following neonatal circumcision has been successfully treated with topical betamethasone and manual retraction.

    Surgical Therapy
    Numerous techniques have been described for repairing the buried penis. Variations have been proposed for different presumed etiologies and to simplify the procedure. Recurrence and the need for subsequent procedures are possibilities. While the challenge of repair may seem daunting for most general urologists, reconstructive experts have reported unanimous success of a lasting nature.
    Following surgery for the buried penis, a Foley catheter is usually left in place, and the penile shaft is covered with a foam dressing, both of which are removed in 48 hours. An antibiotic ointment dressing is used in patients who have undergone flap resurfacing. In patients who have undergone panniculectomy, a pressure garment may be worn over the surgical site for 4-6 weeks. In patients who have undergone liposuction, a pressure dressing is left in place for 7 days.
    Children have few restrictions after surgical correction of the buried penis. Adults, however, must refrain from strenuous activity, heavy lifting, and sexual activity for 6 weeks after operation.

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