A meatotomy is a form of penile modification in which the underside of the glans is split. The procedure may be performed by a doctor to alleviate meatal stenosis or urethral stricture, or by a body modification practitioner for the purpose of sexual pleasure or aesthetics.


A variety of techniques may be used to make the cut, but a doctor will generally crush the vernal meatus, urethra, and upper frenulum for 60 seconds with a straight Kelly hemostat and then divide crush line with fine-tipped scissors. Other techniques include cauterisation, cutting with a scalpel (sometimes aided by clamps) or by using existing fistulas from piercings to tie-off the area to be cut. Depending on the anatomy of the individual and the extent of the split, meatotomy performed with a scalpel may involve heavy bleeding, while crush and cauterisation methods are relatively bloodless. Regardless of the procedure used, meatotomies, like other genital modifications and genital piercings, heal quickly. Unlike other genital modifications, the glans tissue does not have a tendency to re-adhere to itself or heal closed.

A meatotomy may be extended to subincision or genital bisection, which are both much more complex and serious modifications.

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