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25-04-11, 04:32 PM
Efficacy is the capacity to produce an effect. It has different specific meanings in different fields:
- In a healthcare context, efficacy indicates the capacity for beneficial change (or therapeutic effect) of a given intervention (e.g. a medicine, medical device, surgical procedure, or a public health intervention).
- In pharmacology, efficacy, refers to the maximum response achievable from a drug. It is often described by the parameter Emax. Intrinsic activity is a relative term which describes the efficacy relative to a drug which has the highest observed efficacy
- In an insolvency context, in particular in relation to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, the efficacy of such an arrangement is judged by the extent to which it is achieving its aims of getting money in to pay to the creditors of the debtor.
- In lighting design, "efficacy" refers to the amount of light (luminous flux) produced by a lamp (a light bulb or other light source), usually measured in lumens, as a ratio of the amount of power consumed to produce it, usually measured in watts.

Efficiency in general describes the extent to which time or effort is well used for the intended task or purpose. It is often used with the specific gloss of relaying the capability of a specific application of effort to produce a specific outcome effectively with a minimum amount or quantity of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort. "Efficiency" has widely varying meanings in different disciplines.

Effectiveness means the capability of producing an effect, and is most frequently used in connection with the degree to which something is capable of producing a specific, desired effect.
- In medicine, effectiveness relates to how well a treatment works in practice, as opposed to efficacy, which measures how well it works in clinical trials or laboratory studies.
- In management, effectiveness relates to getting the right things done. Peter Drucker reminds us that effectiveness is an important discipline which “can be learned and must be earned.”
- In mathematics, effective is sometimes used as a synonym of algorithmically computable.
- In physics, an effective theory is, similar to a phenomenological theory, a framework intended to explain certain (observed) effects without the claim that the theory correctly models the underlying (unobserved) processes.

An ordinary way to distinguish among effectiveness, efficacy, and efficiency:
• efficiency: doing things in the most economical way (good input to output ratio)
• efficacy: getting things done, i.e. meeting targets
• effectiveness: doing "right" things, i.e. setting right targets to achieve an overall goal (the effect)

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